Facts – Thorsborne Trail Hiking

Ramsey Bay sea shore filled with green grasses and white sands with the majestic Thorsborne trail in front

A view of Ramsay Bay where you start your Thorsborne Trail experience

  • Hinchinbrook Island is home to one of the worlds best bushwalking experiences, called the Thorsborne Trail.
  • It is named after the late Arthur and his wife Margaret Thorsborne, prominent conservationists of Hinchinbrook Island.
  • Fuel stoves must be carried along the Thorsborne Trail as no camping fires are allowed on Hinchinbrook Island National Park.
  • The best time for hiking the Thorsborne Trail is in winter between April to October as it is cooler and less humid.
  • There are native animals on Hinchinbrook Island who congregate at the campsites along the Thorsborne Trail because of the food sources hikers carry in their packs. These native animals are not dangerous but can gnaw through your backpacks to get at your food. Food boxes are provided to keep your food safe, so make sure you use them.
  • There are salt water crocodiles in the bays, creeks, rivers and lagoons which must be taken into consideration for your personal safety.
  • Swimming in the ocean, tidal creeks or saltwater lagoons is not advised.
  • Wear good hiking gear.  A good branded shoe is very important.
  • Leave early and always trek in the morning.
  • Always plan a rest day when possible and always take your time.
  • Drink plenty of water and swim only in the many waterfalls and freshwater creeks along the Thorsborne Trail.

Thorsborne Trail