Hinchinbrook Island

— DAILY ferry transfers to Hinchinbrook Island —

Hinchinbrook Island

Hinchinbrook Island

We are the most flexible, convenient, and cost effective ferry option.  Our craft is purpose-built for local conditions.

  • Two-way transfer to/from Hinchinbrook Island.
  • Lucinda mainland pickups/dropoffs
  • Cardwell mainland pickups/(limited dropoffs)
  • Transfers to other islands (Permits usually required)
  • Day trips (Flexible!  Your choice, depending on weather and tides: leave you at one place to enjoy the island solitude, or show you the marine sights, or both)

NOTE:   We can transfer you to/from Ramsay Bay (Northern end) and George’s Point (South End of Thorsborne Trail).  You may prefer to use us for your transfers because whether you walk north-south or south-north, you can leave your vehicle in Lucinda where there is safe parking, and we manage both water-borne parts of your journey.  (We are the first ferry service to implement this more scenic, convenient, and cost-effective transfer for Thorsborne trail walkers).

See set transfer Prices, and Book & Pay online to secure your trip.  If you can’t find it there, please phone, email, or use voice mail below to enquire.

Contact Information

Email: Email John

Phone or SMS (text message): 0419 712 577 (international +61 419 712 577)

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Check the availability of park permits using the green bar below

Check Permit Availability
  1. Click Here to open the Parks Permits area. Opens in a new tab so you can refer back here for further instructions
  2. Ignore the first row, and go to Select park.  Tip: type "hinc" into the field and you can easily select "Hinchinbrook Island NP, Thorsborne Trail" (but not "Hinchinbrook Island National Park")
  3. Select your preferred start date
  4. Hit "Search"
  5. Scroll down and click on the Green Button that says "Check Availability"
  6. A popup will appear showing 3-14 days depending on your device, starting with the date you selected. Find your preferred dates that are available, or change the date and hit the search button.  Proceed to booking when you find "your" dates.

(Voice message works best with Chrome/Safari)