Hinchinbrook Island

Hinchinbrook Island Transfers
Hinchinbrook Island Transfers


Hinchinbrook Island Transfers



Did you want Thorsborne Trail?  Oops!


Hinchinbrook Island is the most beautiful of all Australia’s islands. Our favourite place in the whole world, a place that has been part of our consciousness forever and a place you should not miss while in Australia. A monstrous 400sq km of area with mountain peaks over 1000 metres, cascading waterfalls, walking tracks through unbelievable diversities of flora. This is truly a wonderland, a place to forget the world, highly regulated as far as numbers of visitors are concerned. It is one of the worlds largest “Island National Park” and we can get you there! Zoe Bay is nestled beneath the peaks of Mt. Bowen. Rainforest kisses the ocean here and secluded camping areas under the rainforest canopy provide you with a great base for all of your exploring activities. A short walk through Hinchinbrook Island will put you under a beautiful waterfall where you can swim in pristine mountain water.

Other island camping available – please ring and ask.
Hinchinbrook Island TransfersSAME DAY RETURN TRANSFERS –

$180.00 PER ADULT (17+); $150 Child (5-16); 0-4 free.
All transfers weather dependent.

We are the most flexible, convenient, and cost effective ferry option. Our craft is purpose-built for local conditions.

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Contact us for multi-day camping transfers:

Email John
Phone: 0419712577 (international +61 419 712 577)

Please Note: CAMPING PERMITS must be sourced by you. Start here:
www.derm.qld.gov.au/parks_and_forests/   (At the time of writing, the visitor is required to create an account before booking. This is normal)

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service camping permit. Telephone 13 74 68 Mon-Fri

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Hinchinbrook Island