Affordable Ferry Transfer Points

When you are not walking the Trail, we can and do transfer you to other destinations like Zoe Bay, other islands, etc.
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Hinchinbrook Map

We are the flexible, convenient, and cost effective ferry option. All our craft are purpose-built for local conditions.

DAILY Lucinda departures to Hinchinbrook Island (Northern & Southern End)

LUCINDA DEPARTURE: To get to your ferry departure point, turn left at the Lucinda pub and follow the road until you come to the Dungeness marina and boat ramp.  Times will generally be 8am from Dungeness.



Safe and dry pick-up off the beach. No heaving boats crashing against jetties to injure you, just walk on dry-shod.

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Ferry Transfers

Cancellation Policy

We give a full refund for whatever reason that you cannot hike the trail. **(see Note below)

However, you must cancel your camping permit for the dates you have previously booked well before your departure as it is imperative that other people have the chance to fill vacated positions on the trail.

Our cancellation policy is aligned with Parks & Wildlife.  You then need to forward your confirmation email of your cancellation from National Parks to Absolute North Charters at least TWO FULL DAYS (48 hours) BEFORE your booked departure in order to be eligible for a refund.

If National Parks themselves close the park we waive the need for you to forward their cancellation confirmation.
There is a fixed number of permits issued for people allowed on the trail at any given time. So please consider other people's desire to hike the trail in the event you need to cancel.


**Note: Trail RUNNERS:

Due to the fact that Trail Runners do not need a Thorsborne Trail permit to run the Thorsborne Trail which means they do not contribute to the upkeep of the Thorsborne Trail, they are exempt from our very generous refund policy for hikers that actually have a permit. Therefore NO REFUNDS will be given to Thorseborne Trail runners under any circumstances.