Hinchinbrook Island

For too long, the business of tourism has tampered with the natural world to improve profit margins at Hinchinbrook Island.

This is shortsighted and unsustainable at Hinchinbrook Island.

I think it is time for operators to accept that what we wish to showcase is nature of Hinchinbrook Island in all her raw uninhibited form.

No longer should we tamper with waterways to improve access or departure to and from Hinchinbrook Island areas.

It has been tried before and has failed miserably…

Knowing our craft is what all operators should strive for including weather, tides and vessel capabilities.

In this way we actually interact with nature and that is what clients want from this industry.

Of course I want to make a profit, but at no time should that be at the expense of  the environment, local lifestyle and last but not least Hinchinbrook Island. Therefore for your refreshment we supply plenty of fresh drinking water on our boat, but no plastic bottles so they cannot find their way into our bay.

Regulated numbers is what gives clients a chance to connect with this amazing place.

Our vision is to give people a chance to make that connection in a safe natural environment.

Our vision is to interact with Hinchinbrook  island and to be a voice for her in return for all of the wonderful memories she has provided for us as children….


— DAILY ferry transfers to Hinchinbrook Island


Hinchinbrook Island