The Unique Thorsborne Trail App

The Thorsborne Trail App has been designed and built specifically for people who want to hike the Thorsborne trail. Most people have smart phones these days so we thought combining modern technical wizardry with good old fashioned local Island and Trail knowledge from Absolute North Charters would be a great idea for everyone. The result is an amazing App that has just about everything the hiker needs to know about the trail.

Using it could not be simpler. No login required – just install it and let it do its thing. First off, it will do an offline map download – this allows you to use the map when mobile coverage is non-existent. Signal coverage is patchy on the Island so this feature is great. You can use the app even in flight mode to save batteries.

The App has lots of great features – here are just a few of them:

• It will show you the department track notes irrespective of which direction you walk it
• It has the current Tide Timetables built in so you won’t get stranded waiting to cross a tidal creek
• It has all the current Absolute North Charters drop off/pick up information
• It has plenty of safety tips and information – we want you to hike the trail safely
• It will show you both Topological and Satellite views of the Island and Trail
• It will show you where you currently are on the Trail at any given time by tracking your progress
• It will show you how far you have walked and how far the next camp site is from your current location
• It will show you where to find and how far it is to good drinking water – this is essential when the island starts to dry out
• It will show you cell coverage areas on the Island – essential when you want to keep in touch
• It allows you save Waypoints – your position – and send them by email when signal is available
• It allows you to send Text messages with your current location – this may be important in case of accident

Downloading it now (links below for iPhone and Android)  will allow you to receive all updates and use it for as long as you wish. Its a one off cost – the same as a cup of coffee – for something that will vastly enhance your trip and may even help save your life! Although that sounds a bit dramatic – it could happen! But we hope not.

Here are a few screen shots -more features are available and more are planned. Stay tuned.

Thorsborne Trail AppThorsborne Trail App

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