Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook: Ferry Booking.
Hinchinbrook Transfer to Ramsay Bay Hi All,

I have been surfing the Internet for a while today looking to find out what kind of information is out there for bushwalkers doing Hinchinbrook’s Thorsborne trail.
I have discovered that there is some wrong information concerning your transfer options…
How this has come about is a mystery to me as I for one have everything one needs to know on this subject on our web pages.

Firstly, there are 2 operating permits to take you to, or return you from the island.

We, Absolute North Charters, are one of the ferry services that can transfer you to or from both ends of the trail.

There seems to be some misunderstanding as to what we do as some of the information that is currently on the web is completely wrong and misleading.
More of a concern is that one of the web pages have never contacted us to find out what we are permitted to do, so we have no idea why they have published wrong information concerning our service.


We have initiated this change in the traditional way people get to the Northern end of the Thorsborne Trail in order to make it more convenient and less expensive for Bushwalkers.

Let me explain:
Cardwell has been the ‘getting on point’ for the Thorsborne trail since its popularity came to the fore in the 1980’s.
About 85 percent of all Hikers walk North to South, there are a few different reasons for this so we won’t go into them right here but some reasons are listed on Rob De Rooy’s blog post in our “Hiker’s Blog” area, ‘The ultimate guide to hiking Hinchinbrook Island.’  I will add a link for you at the end of this article.  Have a read, it’s a great post with many pertinent and timely details !

So, as it was before we decided to depart from Lucinda to the Northern end of the trail, hikers were left stranded.  Happy but usually tired and eager to get back to their vehicle, they had to find a way to return all the way back to Cardwell to pick up their vehicle AFTER they finished the hike at Lucinda.
A shuttle bus was used and of course that means hikers had to part with more money.

Now, you can actually drive to Lucinda, which has ample high quality and budget accommodation if needed, you can park your car in a private resort car park (whether you stay there or not) and catch our ferry through the Hinchinbrook channel and in to the Ramsey Bay boardwalk.
When you finish your hike and we ferry you back to the mainland from George Point at the Southern end (ten minute transfer) your car is there waiting for you!

Reasons why it works.

1. We have reversed the big transfer (which used to be: ferry from George’s Point to Lucinda + a bus shuttle back to Cardwell) from the back end of your hike to the front.
Now you spend about 1 hour 45 relaxing  on our boat, cruising through the beautiful Hinchinbrook Channel at the front of your hike (when you are fresh) and when your hike is done you only need to contend with a ten minute boat ride back to Lucinda and your car…

Our price for this transfer from Lucinda to the Northern end PLUS George Point to Lucinda is very reasonable. (Check our prices for adults, teenagers and children).   This is a scenic 70-kilometre transfer!  And if you wish to compare this price with our competitors please by all means do! (Probably you will want to factor in the inconvenience of finding, booking, and making a bus ride compared to an extra included experience enjoying a scenic cruise up the channel)

The old way it was done…
Ferry from Cardwell==>Ramsay Bay boardwalk==>Thorsborne Trail==>George’s Point==>ferry to Lucinda==> bus shuttle back to Cardwell.

2.  You only need to book one on-and-off booking service now! (Absolute North Charters)

New updated way it’s done…
Ferry from Lucinda==>Ramsay Bay boardwalk==>Thorsborne Trail==>ferry from George’s Point to Lucinda and your vehicle.

Your Complete Round Trip Thorsborne Trail Transfer

Details of the trail can be found on this map in the ultimate guide

You can book your Thorsborne Trail on-and-off service here

Above and below I have included some recent photos I took while ferrying customers.  I live here and every day is another wonder.  Yes, this is the beauty you can expect!

Happy Hiking!


Link to Rob De Rooy’s blog post in our “Hiker’s Blog” area: ‘The ultimate guide to hiking Hinchinbrook Island.’

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Thorsborne Trail