Transfer to Thorsborne Trail. Hikers who have heard of Hinchinbrook Island are enamored by its raw beauty and are drawn to the experience, every year they line up to hike the Thorsborne Trail. However, to preserve the natural heritage, the government has limited the number of hikers allowed at one time. This means booking as early as possible is important.

Absolute North Charters is in the ferry business and has a successful, long standing reputation taking great care of hikers’ transferring them to the Thorsborne Trail.

Before we detail the transfer plan, let us first tell you how to reach the local town.

How to Reach the Local Towns

The two towns that connect you to Hinchinbrook Island are Cardwell in the north and Lucinda in the south. Hikers can reach either of these by road via the Bruce Highway or by air as far as Townsville or Cairns.

Cairns airport

The airport is north of Cardwell. Covering the 188.2 km long road to the town takes about 2 hours 30 minutes. You can opt for a shuttle or hire a car from local car rentals in Cairns.

Townsville airport

Closest of the two, Townsville airport is linked to Lucinda by the Bruce Highway. Here also, shuttle service from Townsville to Ingham and then to Lucinda is available or you can rent a car and drive yourself.

Note: Keep in mind that during winter, the ticket prices go up and availability takes a dip. This is more so for Cairns airport as it is a popular tourist destination. Hence, getting a ticket to Townsville airport will be easier. Also, Lucinda provides several advantages regarding the transfer to Thorsborne Trail.

After Reaching the Towns

From here on you need to take a boat to get to Hinchinbrook Island. Absolute North Charters provide the ferry service to transfer to the Thorsborne Trail and the journey start early in the morning, around 8:30 am.

So, here are a few things you must do –

  • Find yourself a suitable accommodation for the day you reach, preferably book early on. Lucinda has better accommodation availability.
  • If you have come by car, you can easily find a parking space here. After the hike, you must return here.
  • Rest and eat well. Your adventure begins the next day. The hike down the trail will be challenging, nonetheless highly rewarding.

Before we discuss the ferry service here’s a little note you may find useful about Thorsborne Trail.

About the Hike Down the Thorsborne Trail

The 32 km long Thorsborne Trail stretches north to south along the east coast of Hinchinbrook Island. While Ramsay Bay is the northern end of the trail, the southern endpoint is called George Point. These are the points where we will drop you of and pick you up from.

Hikers have the option to tackle the trail in either 4 days/3 nights or 5 days/4 nights, or in 6 days/5 nights. National Parks suggest you hike during the months of April to September. Expect a temperature of around 30 degrees celsius in April. If you seek a more comfortable hike, plan it between May and September. In October it becomes very hot and dry.

Be aware that only a limited number of hikers are allowed for the trail at a time, this is a prefered time for many hikers. So book your trip early. If you have any confusion regarding booking, you can consult our other blog posts or reach out to John Smith of Absolute North Charters on 0419712577.

Transfer to Thorsborne Trail by Ferry

You can reach the trail from both Cardwell and Lucinda, and Absolute North Charters, though we are based in Lucinda, we provides ferry services from both towns.

We have a purpose-built boat capable of transferring passengers on and off Hinchinbrook Island comfortably and securely.

Taking off from Cardwell Port

Most hikers choose to hike from north to south. You can find the reasons for one of our experienced hiker’s blog post. But you may choose to do it the other way round.

Ramsay Bay is 35 km away from Cardwell port, while George Point is 43.73 km away. So, if you want to hike the Thorsborne Trail from north to south then we will drop you off at Ramsay Bay, and at the end of the hike will pick you up at George Point. We have you covered if you prefer doing the hike south to north.

You can book with us for the round trip. See our current prices on the “Prices, Book and Pay” page.

One thing to remember here, picking up and dropping at Cardwell is dependent on the water level due to the tide scenario. So, we have to plan accordingly.