Go to Thorsborne Trail. Situated in the tropical Hinchinbrook Island, Thorsborne Trail is a paradise for hikers.
The beautiful Trail is challenging yet highly rewarding. The raw natural beauty coupled with rough terrain attracts avid hikers not only from Australia but from other countries as well. But in order to preserve the natural heritage of the place, at a time only 43 campers are allowed.

If you are planning to hike, then plan early. This is because of three reasons –

  • The best time to go to Thorsborne Trail is between April to September. The temperature at the end of April will be around 30 degrees Celcius, so May to September will be much more comfortable.
  • This means you should book your spot for the island as well as the ferry transfer to the island as early as possible.
  • Also, the water level at the drop-off and the pickup points varies during the day. Coupled with the visitor limitation, your ferry transfer needs to be planned accordingly. Absolute North Charters will take care of it just let us know as early as possible.

Before we discuss how to go to Thorsborne Trail, you should know about the trail.

Our Thorsborne Trail Hike Recommendation

There are hikers who traverse the Thorsborne Trail within 4 days and 3 nights or 5 days and 4 nights. Though you are free to plan your own, if you are ready to soak in almost everything the trail has to offer, then we would suggest you make it 6 days and 5 nights trip.

The plan for a 6-day trip is as follows –

  • 1st night – Nina Bay
  • 2nd night – either Little Ramsay Bay or Banksia Bay
  • 3rd and 4th night – Zoe Bay since this is the best place to fish
  • 5th night – Mulligan Falls

You can find the detail of the trek route in this blog post.

Ramsay Bay is just 5 minutes from where we drop you off. Nina Bay is 1.5 hours to walk away from there. Nina’s Peak offers a great view of the surroundings and this campsite is a must to start your hike with a bang.

The camp fees are just a little over $5 per night per person (in addition to the food and drinks), so it doesn’t change much for you. Also, the additional night allows you to make the hike with relative ease while you get to enjoy the raw beauty along the trail more and you won’t have to rush at the end of the hike.

You will find the blog post of Rober De Rooy much more informative and detailed.

Hiking on Thorsborne Trail

The Thorsborne Trail extends from Ramsay Bay in the north of the island to George Point in the south end. So you can either hike down the trail north to south or south to north. But we would recommend you to drop off at Ramsay Bay and do the hike from north to south. There are several reasons for it –

  • The northern part of Hinchinbrook Island is dryer since it gets less rainfall. Hence, as you hike towards the south, it gets easier and camps improve. Also, north Zoe Bay has better water sources, so we believe it’s only smarter to walk towards that.
  • Having a breeze on the front of your body make your hike on this temperate island much easier. You will get the southeasterly winds that North Queensland receives predominantly as you walk from north to south.
  • George Point, the south endpoint of Thorsborne Trail is only 7 minutes away from Lucinda. So a drastically short transfer time to the mainland grants you the rest and planning time you need at the end of the strenuous hike.

There’s another reason but this will be clear as we discuss the ferry service Absolute North Charters provides.

How to Go to Thorsborne Trail?

To go to the Thorsborne Trail you first need to reach either Cardwell or Lucinda. From there you can hire a boat. Absolute North Charters is one of the operators that will take you to the island (and the trail) and transfer you back to the mainland. We are based in Lucinda, but provide ferry service from both the towns.

The old route to the island makes Cardwell the default choice for many hikers. But years of experience and subsequent analysis have prompted John of Absolute North Charters to make changes that are logistically sound and benefit the hikers on and off the island. Since other operators have also adopted this practice only validates this newer travel plan.

So What’s this Plan?

Since you are hiking from north to south, so our destination is Ramsay Bay. Leaving at 8:30 a.m. from the Dungeness near Lucinda, you will chart through the scenic Hinchinbrook Channel and drop at Ramsay Bay by mid-morning. The 1 hour 48 minutes boat ride through the 74.34 km path presents you with the scenery in the morning you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

As mentioned above, at the end of the hike George Point offers far less travel time back to Lucinda thanks to a meager 4.7 km. There’s another reason as well. There’s a tidal creek on the beach heading down to George Point which can only be crossed during the low or half tide. This low tide happens usually between 11:30 am to 2 pm. So, we plan our pick up as well as hiking dates from George Point accordingly.

Since Lucinda port is not limited by such tide, we can easily return to Lucinda. This is something difficult to achieve at Cardwell given water level varies widely at that place.

So you return to Lucinda in just about 7 minutes by late morning or afternoon. You can take the day off, walk around Lucinda, or simply retire to your room.

If by chance you want to return/go to Cardwell, then you can easily take a bus from here.

Again, remember Absolute North Charters has created the plan to offer you the best logistical benefit. If you still wish to start and end your ferry trip at Cardwell, then we have you covered

For pricing information check out our book price page. You hire us for the entire round trip, no need to pay separately. For more information reach out to John on 0419712577.