Get to Thorsborne Trail. Hinchinbrook Island, situated on the north-east coast of the mainland, is the largest all-island National Park in Australia and is declared a world heritage. It is home to Thorsborne Trail that offers the world’s best bushwalking experience.

What does Thorsborne Trail offer?

Thorsborne Trail runs along the east coast of the island, from Ramsay Bay in the north to George Point to the south. The 32 km long trail reveals how different ecosystems exist here codependently. The mangrove vegetation includes thick shrubs, heath, bushland, and forest.

North Zoe Creek, where saltwater meets freshwater

The island and the ocean around host various flora and fauna – some in common with the mainland, however some are unique to the island. The bird lover in you will be enthralled as you hike down Thorsborne trail, listening to the calls of Cockatoos, Herons, Scrub Hens, Sunbirds, Wompoo Pigeons, migratory Pied Imperial, and the endangered Beach Stone-Curlew. You will find large sea turtles and Estuarine crocodiles on bays, creeks, rivers, and lagoons along the trail.

Trekking here is not easy at all. The terrain changes with many places becoming quite challenging as you progress. The existence of many open places along the path means the tropical sun will tire you. Therefore the best time to visit the trail is between April and September. You can hike in October as well, but the temperature will be higher and so is the humidity level.

But the preserved rugged wilderness with animals in their natural habitat, the sunrises and sunsets more than compensate for it.

Why Book Early?

Many nature enthusiasts gather around the island seeking adventure. However, the Government has restricted the number of people that can be present at any given time, only 43 visitors are allowed. This means you have to get the information and book early to secure your time spot for theThorsborne Trail.

Also, due to the humid nature, the trail is ideal to trek only during the winter season, i.e. April to September. This is likely to jam up the spots and you may have to wait.
People often delay their booking while scrambling for information on the internet or planning their trip there.

Absolute North Charters has taken it upon themselves to give you the most detailed and relevant information you need to comfortably get to Thorsborne Trail and return.

How to Get to Thorsborne Trail

The Cairns and Townsville airport are the closest you can get to the two towns, Cardwell and Lucinda. From there you transfer to a hired car or bus to take you to your destination. Beware that in wintertime Cardwell airport will be a hot tourist destination, so as always planning and booking early is the mantra.

Once you reach either town, rest the day there. The next morning you will be on your way with the ferry service of Absolute North Charters to transfer to the island, and begin your personal adventure. Based on Lucinda, we transfer to both Ramsay Bay and George Point from either town, whichever is your preference.

Ramsay Bay where we drop you off

Ramsay Bay where we drop you off

Now whichever your choice is will determine your drop-off point. We will drop you at George Point if you want to trek from the south end to the north. Or we will take you to Ramsay Bay if you prefer to hike the Thorsborne Trail from north to south. This is what most hikers prefer due to various reasons.

  • The northern part of Hinchinbrook Island gets less rainfall than the south making this side much dryer. Walking toward the endpoint with a better water source is naturally a smart choice.
  • North Queensland predominantly receives the Southeasterly winds, hence as you trek from north to south the breeze will be on your front, not on your backpack. This can be a huge blessing as the trail is humid.

The third point is one of the reasons why we suggest hikers go from north to south. Let us elaborate.
The journey starts at 8:30 in the morning. Our boat will pick you from Lucinda and cross the beautiful Hinchinbrook to drop you off at Ramsay Bay. The entire route is 74.34 km long and takes 1 hour 48 minutes to cover. The scenic beauty and cool morning breeze make this a very memorable and enjoyable journey for you.
From Ramsay Bay, your hike begins. Completing the entire hike is possible within 4 days and 3 nights. However, we would suggest you extend the hike to 6 days and 5

From Ramsay Bay, your hike begins. Completing the entire hike is possible within 4 days and 3 nights. However, we would suggest you extend the hike to 6 days and 5 nights. Not only this increases your chances of seeing endangered animals, you will be able to hike with greater relaxation. This makes a huge difference on the last day.

The Return ferry at George Point

You spend the last night of the hike on Mulligan Falls camp. The next morning the ferry arrives at George Point (south end) depending on the water level due to low and mid-tide. It takes about 2 hours to reach from the campsite to George Point. Having rested the previous night you can easily leave early to reach on time if the tide comes early
For more detail check out this post.
Now, returning to our earlier point, why North to South is better-
It takes just 7 minutes to cover the 4.74 km distance to Lucinda. This means the return journey to the mainland is much shorter. This is very much desired as you are mentally satisfied but physically exhausted from the challenging hike. You can get back to your hotel bed early to recharge your battery.



Absolute North Charters will pick you up from and drop you off at Cardwell as well if that’s what you wish. However, not only finding accommodation even in peak season time in Lucinda is much easier, getting to Thorsborne Trail from Cardwell takes away the mentioned logistical advantage.
You see, Ramsay Bay and George Point are nearly the same distance away from Cardwell. Therefore, at the end of the hike, you still have to travel long from either point.
Since operating from Lucinda is logistically beneficial for hikers, we are able to transfer this to the hikers. This means you can get to make the round trip from Lucinda at a cheaper rate than from Cardwell.
For detailed pricing and booking information, check the Absolute North Charters booking page.
If you have further questions, feel free to ring John Smith on this number – 0419712577.
Absolute North Charters holds the natural heritage of Hinchinbrook Island in the highest regard and thus takes only an ecologically sound route to the island and trail.