Boat To Thorsborne Trail. The Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Island is popular among hikers for its preserved wilderness and the flora and fauna it hosts. The 32 km long trail is running along the east coast – from Ramsay Bay in the north to George Point in the south.

To retain the natural heritage and keep the habitat intact only 43 campers are allowed at a time on the island. The best time to visit the trail is during winter. Due to the tropical nature of the island, April to September is the best suited time for the hike. The temperature is cooler and there are Southeasterly winds blowing increasing the comfort level for the hikers.

Hiking Plan on Thorsborne Trail at a Glance

The Thorsborne Trail can be covered within 4 days and 3 nights but this will be rushed as you have to cross a substantial distance every day through the challenging terrain. You can opt for 5 days and 4 nights hike, however, we encourage you to take an extra day, making the journey more relaxing and enjoyable.

The 6-day trip plan is as follows –

1st night – Nina Bay
2nd night – Little Ramsay Bay or Banksia Bay
3rd and 4th night – Zoe Bay as this is the best place to fish
5th night – Mulligan Falls

Spending the night on Mulligan falls means you don’t have to rush the 15 km stretch from Zoe Bay to reach George Point at one go which is the case for the original 4 days/3 nights plan. Instead, you can easily make the two hours walking distance from Mulligan to George Point late in the morning, around 9 am. This can change if the low tide comes early on the tidal creek on the way from Mulligan. Still, your last day hike is not rushed.

This blog post will answer many of the questions you have and will prepare you for the hike.

Based in Lucinda, Absolute North Charters is the operator providing hikers with a ferry to Thorsborne Trail.

We operate a passenger ferry purpose-built for local conditions, offering comfortable and safe travel on and off the island.

Our Recommended Route – Lucinda to Ramsay Bay & George Point to Lucinda

We will pick you up from Dungeness near Lucinda and transport you to Ramsay Bay. Leaving at 8:30 am, the boat chart through the beautiful Hinchinbrook Channel offering great views of the mainland and the island. It takes 1 hour 48 minutes to traverse the scenic route of 74.34 km.

After you finish the hike, our boat will pick you up from George Point – the south endpoint of Thorsborne Trail. This can take anywhere between 4 days to 6 days – we will decide on this before you start your trip from Lucinda. The return trip to Lucinda is just 7 minutes of boat ride as George Point is just 4.7 km away. The entire journey is 1 hour 55 minutes long.

The reason behind our plan is to make the transfer to the island, the hike, and the return as easy as possible for the hikers. At the beginning of your trip, you have plenty of energy so it makes sense to start with the long trip to the trail.

As you hike through the rugged wilderness and challenging trail jn warm to hot temperatures, you will naturally get tired and you will likely look forward to the comfort of your hotel. The 7-minute boat ride back to Lucinda will ensure that you return to your accommodation in no time.

After we take our boat to Thorsborne Trail in the morning, we first drop the hikers at Ramsay Bay, and then cruising around the east coast we reach George Point usually around 1 pm for picking up another team of hikers who finished the hike. This is possible as George Point is serviceable most of the time of the day and the boat ramp site in Lucinda has little tide dependency.

We plan this entire trip around Hinchinbrook Island meticulously.By coordinating with different sets of hikers, Absolute North Charters can offer great value for hikers which is reflected in our pricing. You can find the pricing detail on our Prices, book & pay page.

Does Absolute North Charters Offer Boat To Thorsborne Trail from Cardwell?

Yes, absolutely we do. There is a different set of pricing for this.

Beginning from Cardwell, Ramsay Bay is closer (just 35 km), and naturally, most hikers would like to start their hike from there. The return boat ride from George Point to Cardwell is 43.73 km. This transportation through Hinchinbrook Channel will take around an hour in the afternoon.

Why is Lucinda Better than Cardwell?

If you consider the situation here, it becomes clear why our recommended plan to make Lucinda your base is a much better choice. The two trips on and off the island to Cardwell nearly takes some time – so there goes the benefit of reaching the mainland early to take rest. Also, you have to endure the afternoon sun for an hour either way.

Also, considering the tide dependency Lucinda is in a much advantageous position than Cardwell.

When Should You Book?

We would suggest you plan your journey as soon as possible. There is plenty of information available in the blogs of Absolute North Charters’ website that can help you plan easily. Since winter is the peak time for tourists and hikers alike, finding tickets for air travel can be an issue, especially to Cairns airport. You may have better success in getting tickets to Townsville airport. Finding accommodation in either town should be easier. As for booking the boat to Thorsborne Trail, do it as early as possible to get your preferred slot. 

For queries reach out to John Smith of Absolute North Charters on 0419712577.